Closure of the Trades Recognition Service (TRS)

ACTS Visaskills will no longer be accepting new applications for the Trades Recognition Service (TRS) from 2nd November 2020 following Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) closing this service as of 1st December 2020.

The following alternative pathways are available to existing and potential TRS applicants.


Current applications with ACTS Visaskills:

We will continue your assessment in line with the standard process and timelines.


Applicants who have not yet applied for skills assessment:

You may apply under the Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) or the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) program. Please check our website for further details.

Please note that Australian citizens/passport holders are not eligible for the skills assessment programs offered by Trades Recognition Australia.

If you are an Australian passport holder and your occupation is a non-licensed trade in Australia, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) with our domestic ASQA accredited RTO, Gimbal Training.

Please contact for further information.

Trades Recognition Service (TRS)

The Trades Recognition Service (TRS) was launched on 1 October 2014 as a replacement for the Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (ARTC) program.

ACTS Visa Skills has been approved by TRA to deliver the TRS Skills Assessment Program for tradespersons who:

  • Reside in Australia
  • Do not hold an AQF certificate for their trade who seek formal recognition of their skills and experience, including applicants who undertook their trade training overseas.

The TRS Program is supported by Australian industry that recognises qualifications issued through the program and validated by the TRA logo.

If you are applying for a skills assessment under the TRS Program you must read the Applicant Guidelines before proceeding.

Eligibility Pathway 1 only

  1. If the applicant does not have formal training, then they must provide evidence of at least 5 years full time paid employment in a directly related trade, including evidence of at least 12 months full time paid employment in the nominated trade in the last 3 years before the date of application.
  2. If the applicant does have formal training, then they must provide evidence of at least 3 years full time paid employment in a directly related trade, including evidence of at least 12 months full time paid employment in the nominated trade in the last 3 years before the date of application.


How to Apply

The Skills Assessment Process is designed to assess a candidate against the standards of the relevant Australian Training Package. These packages are designed by industry, for industry and are used by Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) in assessing competency. Download and make yourself familiar with the “GUIDE TO AUSTRALIAN SAFETY STANDARDS

When applying for your skills assessment you must provide all available evidence to ensure your application is “Decision Ready” (see evidence checklist in the Application form pages 13-14). You must ensure you have a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) as part of your application for Pathway  1.

The SAQ helps to identify if you have the relevant skills that meet the Australian standards in your trade. You will need to be competent in all the mandatory units and many of the elective units.

If you are satisfied that you meet the Eligibility Criteria,

Australian Office:
ACTS Visa Skills
12A 171 Power Street
Glendenning NSW 2761
PO Box 598
Plumpton NSW 2761

TIP: Read the Applicant Guidelines when completing the Application Form.  NOTE: All assessments must be conducted in English.

A representative from ACTS will make contact with you within 5 working days to confirm your details.

Fees and Charges

New payment arrangements for TSS Program, OSAP and TRS

Commencing on 1 March 2019, applicants for Trades Recognition Australia’s (TRA) TSS Skills Assessment Program (TSS program), Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) and Trades Recognition Service (TRS) will pay fees for their skills assessment directly to TRA through the TRA Online Portal.

Australian Construction Training Services will provide you with an RTO assessment payment identifier code that must be used to make payment through the TRA Online Portal for the service you require, for example, a documentary evidence assessment, technical assessment, etc.

From 1 March 2019, the following fees apply for the TSS Program, OSAP and TRS. These fees are also available on the TRA website in the Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) for the TRA RTO Assessment Services (see TRA News Items, published 4 January 2019).

Assessment step Fee Amount (GST Excl)
Documentary Evidence $1,280.00
DocumentaryEvidenceDocumentary Evidence – Review $700.00
Documentary Evidence – Reassessment $450.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 1 $2,000.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 1 – Review $700.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 1 – Reassessment $1,000.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 2 $900.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 2 – Review $700.00
Technical Interview – Pathway 2 Reassessment $450.00
Practical Assessment $2,200.00
Practical Assessment – Review $700.00
Practical Assessment – Reassessment $1,100.00

Skills Assessment Process

Stage One: Application Review

Once we receive your completed TRS application form along with your SAQ, our team will review your application and supporting evidence. All documents provided must be in English. Non-English documents must be provided with an accompanying translation from a registered translation service.  If your application is accepted and no further evidence is required we will request the Documentary Assessment payment will be paid directly to TRA through the TRA Online POrtal. An assessment payment identifier code will be provided.

Stage Two: Documentary Assessment

Documentary evidence must contain the following:

  • Certified true colour copies of your formal training qualifications
  • Certified true colour copy of photo identification (passport required)
  • Scanned colour copies of licences/permits (if applicable)
  • Scanned colour copies of employer statements
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Current Resume/work history
  • Photographic or video evidence must be provided that shows you conducting work tasks using appropriate tools and/or machinery in personal protective equipment (PPE).

If your documentary evidence satisfies the criteria and we have verified your competency skills and time in the trade with your Referees, you will proceed to Stage Three

Stage Three: Technical Interview / Practical Skills Demonstration

You will be required to undertake a technical interview at one of our Skills Assessment locations (please contact ACTS for location details) with our Trade Assessors to determine if your skills and knowledge meet the qualification requirements. The Technical Interview payment will be requested at this time and paid directly to TRA through the TRAP Online Portal as per the initial payment.

The assessment itself is based on questioning techniques and discussions, which allow the client to express the relevant competency. Throughout the Technical Assessment, questions on Australian Safety Standards and how they are used in the workplace will be included.

NOTE:  All technical interviews are conducted in English with no external assistance.

Should the need arise, a Practical Demonstration of skills will be requested. This is used to gain a further insight into the applicant’s competency, by way of demonstrating skills, using appropriate tools and equipment.

Stage Four: Assessment Outcome

Once a full Assessors report has been submitted and the Compliance Panel has reviewed the relevant evidence then a decision will be made on the outcome of the assessment.

The outcome can be either Successful or Unsuccessful.  If successful, ACTS will issue a full AQFIII Qualification for the trade and a successful outcome letter

Should the outcome be unsuccessful, ACTS will provide a letter explaining the reason(s) for your unsuccessful outcome along with a list of identified competencies required to achieve the full AQFIII qualification.  A Statement of Attainment however will be provided, detailing the units of competency achieved throughout the process. ACTS will further guide the applicant as to the “Gap Units” and how to arrange for these to be trained and then reassessed.

At any time the client can apply for reassessment or review a decision made by ACTS. Please refer to TRA website forms and Policies.

Reassessment Policy

Candidates have the right to appeal an assessment decision. Please refer to the TRA website forms and Policies

Refund Policy

Candidates may apply for a refund. Please refer to the TRA website forms and Policies

Feedback and Complaints Policy

Any candidate wishing to leave feedback or make a complaint or comment about the service provided by ACTS please Enquire Now and you will receive acknowledgement within 5 working days.

It is the responsibility of each Country/Region Manager to respond to, action and endeavour to resolve any complaints received.  Please refer to our Contact Us section for details of each office.