Interview with an Assessor

Mr Wayne Abrahams

AUR31116, AUR30616, AUR31216, AUR40216, MEM40105, MEM60112, TAE40116

A bit about Wayne

I originally migrated from South Africa to New Zealand. As a diesel fitter I had to go through process of being assessed for my trade and found it quite challenging. I was  granted my trade certificate as a Fixed and Mobile Plant Mechanic/Heavy Vehicle Diesel Fitter in New Zealand in 2003.

In 2011 I migrated to Australia and worked as a Fixed and Mobile Plant Mechanic/Heavy Vehicle Diesel Fitter, originally working in New South Wales. I then moved to Queensland and worked across OEM businesses, where I was awarded the opportunity to do training across engineering, automotive and automotive electrical. I obtained my TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Seeing the opportunity to help train people who shared the same passion for my trade was very rewarding. This inspired me onto my next career step and officially became a trainer and assessor. I was employed by two different RTOs delivering training and assessment to apprentices across Queensland, excelling in the prior recognition of learning for tradesmen who had years of experience without a formal qualification. Delivering training and assessment to automotive workshops such as Western Truck Group, Daimler Group Trucks and Volvo Trucks Australia were some of the OEM workshops.

I am an outgoing trainer and assessor. My goal in training was to train and motivate my students to  become a better tradesperson than what I was. I am confident I achieved this, as whilst working for MTAQ, I had various nominations of my students for Apprentice of the Year awards.

As a migrant myself, I can fully relate to other migrants who are going through this process. I have empathy and share their passion with them. It can be emotionally taxing as I have gone through these processes as a migrant myself. These candidates face a huge change in their life, leaving family behind in their own countries to create a future for them. I love being able to help and support them along their journey with us!

What are your daily activities like?

Communicating on various levels with ACTS Visa Skills staff, training other trainers in other sections of VISA Skills, contacting candidates when they need assistance, conducting technical interviews online and in person for Visa Skills. I guide applicants through the assessment process, explaining the process of using our online learning platform, contacting via teams, phone, and email.

What aspect of your job presents the greatest challenge for you?

When you know a candidate knows their trade but can’t explain it! I review candidates’ evidence which they submit on our platform which displays excellent training and work history. Their practical evidence, knowledge is current and relevant however, they struggle with the articulation in English.

What aspect of your job brings you the most satisfaction?  

Observing the other assessors being trained by me, become successful in their job role, this confirms my ability to be both a great trainer and mentor to them. I thoroughly enjoy helping migrant applicants completing the skills assessment successfully. When they review our service online, again confirms that what I am doing is helping many people. Watching the smile on their face after completing the process is very rewarding. Seeing the hope and determination in applicants’ eyes, despite the challenges they face, is both heartening and moving.

Any advice to give to candidates looking at starting the process?

Be confident. Learn to speak English fluently. Ask for assistance when needed. Always remember where you come from, stay true to your values, embrace Australia and make new friends. NEVER stop learning.

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