Employers / Agents


If you are planning to employ Offshore Applicants for your business, ACTS is able to assist you in your approach to this. As an employer of subclass TSS Visa applicants, you will be required to meet the statutory requirement for industry benchmarks and the requirements of Department of Home Affairs – for further information refer to Department of Home Affairs ACTS works with several industry bodies who can also assist you further with the process.

ACTS does not provide Migration Advice and it is highly recommended that you seek the services of an Australian Registered Migration Agent.


Applicants have the option to engage a Migration Agent on their behalf as part of the Skills Assessment process by completing the “Authorised Agent” section (page 4) of the Application Form for OSAP and TSS Programs.

ACTS will then work with the Agent to ensure a compliant and informative process that will enable the Applicant to complete the program in an efficient and timely manner. All correspondence will be directed to the authorised Agent once requested by the Applicant.

ACTS is happy to discuss our process at any time and encourages Applicants to seek migration advice from an Australian registered Migration Agent.