AUR32120 Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology

Are you an experienced Panel Beater? Get your skills assessed with Australian Construction Training Services – Visa Skills today. Take the next step to getting your skills recognised with us. We provide skills recognition across a variety of engineering, automotive & construction trades. One of those trades is the Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology (commonly referred to as a Panel Beater) The Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology is a qualification suited for; Vehicle Body Builders, Vehicle Body Restoration Technicians and Chassis Repair Technicians

Let’s put the spotlight on what a panel beater does:

Panel beaters, also known as auto body technicians, are professionals who repair and restore the bodies of vehicles. Their work primarily involves fixing damage caused by accidents, wear and tear, and corrosion. Key tasks they perform:

  1. Assessment and Estimation:
  • Inspect the vehicle to assess the extent of the damage
  • Provide cost estimates for the required repairs
  1. Disassembly
  • Remove damaged panels and components, such as bumpers, fenders, and trim
  • Strip the vehicle of parts to gain access to areas that need repair
  1. Repair and Replacement:
  • Straighten and realign bent or twisted chassis and frames using hydraulic equipment
  • Repair dents, scratches, and other minor damages using specialised tools
  • Replace damaged parts with new or salvaged parts when necessary
  • Weld and join metal parts to restore the vehicle’s structure
  1. Refinishing:
  • Prepare the repaired surfaces for painting by sanding and applying fillers
  • Prime and paint the repaired areas to match the original finish
  • Polish and buff the painted surfaces to ensure a smooth finish
  1. Reassembly
  • Refit repaired or replaced parts and panels to the vehicle
  • Ensure all components are correctly aligned and securely fastened
  1. Quality Control
  • Inspect the completed work to ensure it meets industry standards
  • Test the functionality of repaired parts, such as doors and windows
  1. Custom Work (occasionally):
  • Modify and customise vehicle bodies for aesthetic or performance enhancements

Panel beaters need a good eye for detail, strong manual skills, and a thorough understanding of vehicle structures and repair techniques. They often work in auto repair shops, collision centers, or specialty shops focusing on vehicle restoration and customisation.

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