How to prepare for your technical interview

Preparing for a Technical Interview with Australian Construction Training Services (ACTS) – Visa Skills involves several steps to ensure you demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge effectively. Here are the steps to help you get ready for this part of your Visa Skills application.

To get started, ensure you have accepted the Interview meeting invite sent to your email address. The online Technical Interview will be conducted using Microsoft Teams. At the date of the Interview, click the link and join the meeting online at least 20 minutes prior to the start time to ensure your device is in working order and your internet is stable.

Other Resources:

  • A headset/mic combo or a working speaker on your computer.
  • An external USB camera (if available; in case internal camera requires troubleshooting).

Technical Requirements:

  • Make sure the camera, microphone and speaker/headset are connected.
  • All online technical assessments must be conducted either on a laptop, notebook or desktop computer (smartphones and tablets will not be accepted) connected to a private internet connection.

Assessment Conditions:

  • The room where the interview is being held should be quiet and secure, with good lighting. It should be a place where you are unlikely to be interrupted or disturbed. 
  • No one else should be in the room where the interview is being held.
  • Your desk must be cleared completely of any notes or unauthorised materials.

Other Tips:

  • Ensure your technology works correctly. Please give yourself time to test your speaker, microphone, and camera devices before joining the interview.
  • Adjust your camera angle to make sure you fit in the video frame.
  • Turn off your mobile devices.

Your interview may be cancelled if:

  1. You fail to notify ACTS of any changes/cancellation at least 72 hours prior to the interview date.
  2. You cannot prove your identity.
  3. You cannot understand and/or answer questions in English.
  4. You fail to adhere to invigilation procedures, which includes but not limited to cheating, use of reference materials or unauthorised devices, presence of other individuals in the interview room.
  5. You become extremely distressed or disturbed.
  6. You appear ill or physically unwell.
  7. You are not at the advised location.

Poor quality of audio and video due to unstable internet connection or device malfunction, will require the interview to be cancelled and the applicant must attend an approved assessment venue in person. Failure to comply to this request will result to the application being withdrawn and Technical Interview payment will be forfeited. At Australian Construction Training Services (ACTS), we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your qualifications and advance your career. Whether you have questions about beginning your Visa Skills application or need assistance with the process, we’re here to support you. We offer skills recognition in a wide range of trades including engineering, automotive, and construction. Don’t wait to take the next step in your professional journey. Get started with us today!

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